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Willins education team is a group of education specialists that firmly believes that learning begins in the willingness to learn with the ultimate goal of holistic knowledge and utilization of the English skills learned in the process. The students’ willingness to learn in a perfect education environment provided by skilled education specialists has a bright result of effective English learning.

윌린스 교육팀은 교육 전문가 그룹으로, 학생이 수업을 통해 배운 언어를 실생활에서 자유롭게 사용해 보고싶은 의지에서 진정한 배움이 시작된다고 믿으며 영어 교육을 이끌고 있습니다. 경력 10년 이상의 교육 전문가 그룹이 제공하는 우수한 교육 환경과 학생들의 학습의지가 만난다면 높은 학습효율과 재밌는 영어 수업을 완성할 수 있으리라 생각 합니다.  


Willins Education has been established for intensive learning experience for practical English personalized for each student.

Our ultimate goal is to teach and guide Asian students who are in need of English communication skills with a proper lesson on a daily basis by our education specialists. With shared effort and determination, students will be equipped with the knowledge and confidence in English communication successfully.


The initial procedure executed is gathering information as to why each student struggles in learning English.

Having precise knowledge of the students’ difficulties in his or her English learning journey enables us to build an effective lesson strategy.

After acquiring such details, a core lesson plan is built catered to each individual based on the student's purpose of learning, weakness and motivation.

We only teach students that we completely know.


Our education specialists will guide the students learning process in the respective areas of English listening, speaking, reading and writing. There is a DAILY activity to complete and a lesson to attend. Our students can start learning from any level since every single student will have a personalized core lesson plan created ONLY for him or her in the course of the students’ English learning journey.

Be a learner who plans to use
what he learns. 
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